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Bond on Gap


Edward Bond at the ‘Stop Acting’ event in Budapest, 2009, organised by Kerekasztal Színházi Nevelési Központ – www.kerekasztalszinhaz.hu

Edward Bond’s theory on drama has influenced the project partners greatly. Here is a short part from an interview recently recorded with Bond by Cao Xi, the creative director of Drama Rainbow.

Bond explains his concept of ‘gap':

…what I think about the gap is – there are two uses in a way. If I say reality exists because it’s in my mind, but obviously it’s really out there anyway. So there must be a gap between reality and that. And in that gap is me. I find myself in that gap. What I want to do in a drama is as it were to open that gap so you find yourself in it… YOU have to enter the gap. It has to be you.’

‘Culture is always saying there is no gap, because we have all the answers. You just have to trust authority because the pope can talk to God. Culture is saying there is no gap but it does this by taking over the gap. It is saying oh that’s the mystical and that’s the sublime. And you can go in the gap and meet God. But drama says I am sorry God I haven’t even got time for you there is this person’s need or suffering, bewildered or in danger. And that’s where I am going.’