Conference program

Almost ready to kick off now. The conference program is online now. Read it below or download it in English or Hungarian.



drama and theatre education

A practice centred international conference


Organised by: InSite Drama

Co-organiser: Örkény Theatre

  29th-31st July, 2016

Venue: Örkény Theatre, Budapest


An English language conference, Hungarian translation provided for plenary proceedings

IMG_1062Theatre and drama education are important modes of exploring the world, ourselves and others in it. There are various methodologies within the field, but our conference focuses on an approach that considers drama as an art form that highlights the complexities and the socio-historic dimensions of human situations.

The participants of the conference will gain insight into the practical implementation of contemporary playwright Edward Bond’s drama theory. Following Bond’s thinking the conference will also start out from examining the crisis of our times and the problems faced by generation Y and Z. We will then focus on key concepts of Bondian theory and the possibilities of using these in practice to explore problems. The conference will then turn to planning and investigating the possibilities of implementing the theory and practice in specific art or pedagogy projects.

VITASZINHAZ_2016_06_13_30bThe concepts will be explored through a variety of forms; participatory workshops, ateliers, planning workshops, keynote talks and discussion.

We believe it is important for knowledge from the social sciences, other art forms and practices of social engagement to influence our drama and educational work. Keynote speakers will reflect on the discussed problems from a sociological or philosophical perspective, while artists from visual arts will also offer their approaches. We will also create space to reflect on the dilemmas of civic activism.

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