There are a number of specific activities that are realised in the project. The main ones are listedQQ=-ĂČ20141229145547 below:

1. First transnational project meeting – Budapest, 2014. December 12-14.

This meeting was very important in finalising the details of the implementation of the project. Besides talking about theoretical, methodological and administrative issues the participants also had the chance to find out more about the situation in Hungary, seen through the eyes of a young person.

2. Facing the Gap Seminar – Birmingham, 2015. February 5-8.

This event was needed to align the theoretical and methodological understanding of the partners.

3. Training for youth workers and drama practitioners – Beijing, 2015. April 23 – 26.

Practitioners from The GAP Arts Project and Drama Rainbow are holding a joint training for youth workers and drama practitioners in Beijing.

4. Training for youth workers and drama practitioners – Valetta, 2015. June 1-4.

Practitioners from InSite will hold a four day training in Malta for youth workers and theatre education practitioners.

5. Training for youth workers and drama practitioners – Budapest, 2015. June 22 – 25.

Drama Rainbow and InSite will hold a joint training in Budapest for youth workers and drama practitioners.

6. Artistic and Cultural initiative – each organisation will hold a workshop in their own country with young people based on a play written specifically for the project by Chris Cooper. The dates of these activities are yet to be finalised.

7. Youth exchange – Hungary, 2016 July 22-28.

Some of the young people participating in the art activity in each country will come together in Hungary and work on the play together for 7 days.

8. Facing the Gap International Conference – Budapest, 2016 July 29-31.

A final international conference will be held, where  we can share the findings of the project and also make major steps in building the international community interested in the approach of the project.


A number of resources will be produced over the project period, all of these will be freely downloadable from the project website.