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Youth exchange

Thirty young people participated in the Facing the Gap youth exchange held in Budapest between the 22nd and the 28th of July. Participants from China, Hungary, Malta and the UK worked together to understand the situation of their generation and to explore possibilities of using drama in understanding complex social situations.

The process concluded in the youth exchange participants holding workshops at The GAP conference in which teachers, theatre practitioners and other young people could participate.

Check out the gallery of photos:

Here are some comments from the feedback we received from the participants about what was the most important moment for them:

“The argument about objective and subjective, where I understood what is happening with this generation and the preparations for the workshop conference.”

“When the last day i realised that they can see me, understand me even if my english wasn’t so good. In the last few days i had deep conversations, we had discussions about living in this world and being ourselves. It just helped me to find more opportunities, digging into my soul through the thoughts of other people in my age. It’s weird but it’s true.”

“The most important moment for me was collaborating with people from different cultures and successfully developing ideas together, even with elements such as language barriers we were able to work quite well. It was at this point the world felt a lot smaller and the gap between our cultures was lessened.”

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